While there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of different varieties of bottle shampoos in on the market right now, shampoo bars are still hard to find. Popularity is increasing though, and they’ll soon be readily available! Below are a few reasons why you should go ahead, take the leap and consider switching to a shampoo bar.

Less Plastic = Less Waste

At the time of this post, over nine million tons of plastic are being disposed of by being dumped into the ocean every year. Shampoo bars eliminate the need for plastic bottles and can lessen the impact of that waste. Most are packaged in recycled packing materials for shipping as well.

No Worries About TSA Limits

Airport travel is a worry with the possibility of someone digging through your bags, and confiscating your bottles that just might be over the travel limit. Shampoo bars help you avoid that limitation, and there’s no worries about your shampoo being spilled all over your clothing! A shampoo bar won’t ruin your best dress! You might even end up with a fresh smelling suitcase too!

Cruelty Free and All Natural

It’s no secret that shampoo bars are better for the oceans, wildlife and various ecosystems that are affected by waste and excess plastic. Bottled shampoos are also typically full of chemicals and fillers, many of which can actually harm hair over time by stripping natural oils, and that can leave your scalp dry and your hair unhealthy. Shampoo bars containt natural ingredients and typically essential oils, and are packaged and produced cruelty free.

No Shampoo Left Behind

A shampoo bar already outlasts up to three bottles of regular shampoo, which makes it a practical investment, but you also won’t be leaving anything behind in the bottom of that bottle. No balancing it upside down hoping to squeeze those last precious drops out…with a shampoo bar, you use it until it’s completely gone! No waste!

Want more information about how you can begin making the switch to shampoo bars, or a variety of other all natural products? Check out the Cove Creek line of products, launching in August 2020.

If you’re interested in being a part of this amazing company, it launches in September 2020. Contact me for more details….absolutely no obligation!

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